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Rosebud Porties

If you’ve been looking for a canine companion of your very own, consider a Rosebud Portuguese water dog; a breed known for being affectionate and adventurous starting as puppies.

My name is Sheryl King-Lile and I’ve been raising Portuguese water puppies for several years now as a breeder. My “Rosebud Porties,” as they are nicknamed, are lovely and family-friendly dogs that get along well with other pets and children. They are strong, smart and easy to train, making them easily adaptable to a variety of living situations. However, they do require open spaces and daily exercise which keeps them happy, content, and fulfilled.

The Portuguese water dog is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a breed of “working dog” because they have been helping humans with water-based work for centuries. These versatile dogs are exceptional swimmers and divers. As a result of being a water-loving breed, porties can be an excellent choice for active families that have a swimming pool or live in close proximity to a beach.

Portuguese water dogs are also perfect for adventurous individuals in search of an affectionate and furry friend and are known to make great walking or jogging companions. If you suffer from allergies, Rosebud Porties can be a good choice as a hypoallergenic breed with minimal shedding. However, they do require extensive grooming in order to appear clean and well-kept.

Getting a puppy is a huge milestone for any individual or family and of course, we want that experience to be an amazing one. Rosebud Porties is a responsible breeder that provides buyers with all essential information regarding the breed and tests all puppies to ensure they’re free of genetic diseases.

If a Rosebud Portie sounds like it could be the right breed for you, contact me at 970.658.7472 or through the website for more information and guidance.

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