About Rosebud Porties

My name is Sheryl King-Lile and I’m a small family northern Colorado breeder of my beloved Portuguese Water Dogs. We live in the city and it sometimes gets pretty noisy, however, that doesn’t bother us. Fortunately, we reside near rivers and lakes too, so when we can, we go on outings.

I purchased my first girl and before she was old enough to spay, I quickly suggested to everyone they should own one of these beautiful fur babies. Hypoallergenic and non-shedding, what more could you ask for?!? They love to make you happy and are very clever like. Licks and kisses are included in the purchase fee. Like the Beatles said “All you need is Love.” Hike, bike, camp or swim, they love it all.

My kennel name is Rosebud in honor of my beautiful daughter; she received her wings in 2015. I breed these for babies out of love and respect for this fantastic breed. My adult dogs are genetically tested.

Meet the Parents…

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder Loveland CO

My stud, Mr. Michael, is a gentle boy. He is a 65lb curly brown and white gentleman. He has the walk of a true champion, similar to his relatives.

My #1 girl is Miss Pandora, a black and white beauty queen weighing in a 42lbs. She is very even tempered and delivers incredibly calm babies. They are consistently strong, healthy and beautiful.

Portuguese Dog Breeder Loveland CO

My #3 girl is my wild child. Miss Lottie Loo is a very young, 40lb spirit. She loves to run and is great with anyone and everyone. Miss Lottie Loo is a white and black wavy beauty as well, and just like Cyndi Lauper, she just wants to have fun.

Angel. Beautiful black and white 35# girl. Great mommy very cuddly, healthy, happy and even tempered beauty.

Tell me Sheryl, where can I get one?

If you are looking for a new family member and friend, please reach me at 970.658.7472 or contact me here. I will do my best to help you become a Portie family. I also have a person that will hand deliver your fur baby if you’re not within Colorado. The cost is similar to fly in cargo, but much more fun and relaxing.